Baxter was a very special case when he entered his foster family's home.  A beautiful soul in an emaciated body who trusted no one. As with the majority of our rescues, we have no idea what trauma they have suffered before we have rescued them and this guy had definitely suffered several.  He was so distrustful of other animals and humans that it was a long

process, requiring a lot of patience on the part of his people, but he is now doing well. Baxter is healthy, being spoiled rotten, and loved more than he has probably ever been and he has a new BFF, Abby Rose. Adopted by KM (foster Mom) 10/18/13


Every morning Abby greets me with lots of purring and face-licking, so she appears to be very happy with us.  She's a very playful girl and loves interactive toys.  Her graceful acrobatics keep me in stitches.  We couldn't love her more, and we enjoy her affectionate nature and intelligence.  When she's ready to play, she fetches her favorite toy and drops it in front of us! I feel so fortunate to have met Abby.  She wants to be the center of attention so our household of two adults and no other animals was perfect for her.  She adjusted to her new life very quickly; once she had us trained. It was all good!  Adopted by LS 6/20/13


We met Chloe at PetSmart in El Cajon. She was a beautiful 5 month old Maine Coon kitty with soft long hair. She was a little bit of a scare-d cat, but we adopted her, hoping that she'd warm up to us.  We knew it would take time, and we didn’t know that there were that many places to hide in our house, but she found them.  After taking all of the hiding places away, she started to come out of her shell.  At first, Dexter, our other Maine Coon, wasn't very impressed by her, but being close to him was the only place she felt safe.   After a couple of weeks Chloe was just hanging out and observing. Dexter started taking a liking to her and next thing we know, they were playing together.  She absolutely adores her new big brother and she’s taken to us too.  Thank you for helping make our home a play ground again.  Adopted by TG on 9/21/13


We just wanted to give you an update on Coconut (now named Nutter). He is doing very well in his new home. We all love him, even his sister, Princess Pipi. Nutter especially enjoys our daily hour-long family walks. When they aren't out walking or napping, they are being spoiled with treats, toys, shopping at the pet store, car rides, and of course lots of pets and scratchies. We hope you enjoy the  cute pictures of this lovable Pekingese boy. He is such a great addition to our family.    Adopted by J&SC on 5/9/13 

We hope you enjoy these excerpts from the success stories we have received from SPP adopters.  We will add more as they come in. Please don't hesitate to share your success story with us. You can send photos and the story to us via email to  We always love a reason to smile...and you give us that when you send these in.   Thank you!   


We spent a lot of time researching the JRT breed. Everyone we spoke to and every site we read urged us to be prepared for a very high energy puppy who would need constant vigilance and non-stop attention. We were expecting him

to be bouncing off the walls, running like crazy throughout the house, eating the furniture, peeing everywhere, barking, whining and begging. We were in for a big surprise though! His day primarily consists of finding the best place to take a nap. His favorites are: the couch, the astroturf in our backyard in the morning sun, underneath the lawn chair in the middle of the day and anywhere near us as long as there is a blanket (he hates to lay on the tile). He's perfect for us - Adopted by R&P 10/15/13