Sharing a snippet & photos from Coco's new mommy, PT, who adopted her on 4/25/15. (You may have seen her on our "Meet Our Dogs" page under the name of "Gouda".)    We love these  kind of notes and photos.  Our goal is always to place our pets in perfect homes.

"I couldn't be happier with my baby Coco! She has brought so much joy to my family, friends and neighbors.  I have some pictures attached showing how she has grown. Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt her. "     



​​My husband and I adopted our daughter Lauren from Shelter Pet Partners.  We stopped at PetSmart in El Cajon & the cat I wanted to play with did not want to play with me! I sat down & began to pet a very soft cat who was sleeping in a basket. I picked Lauren up and she immediately snuggled against me and began to purr. When my husband came over, she reached out her little arms to him and we knew right away she was the one for us. We had never had a cat before and had been looking for a dog. 

She loves to play, be held, and prefers the company of her humans over solo pursuits. The very first night we brought Lauren home, she ran to our room and slept under the covers between us, where she has slept every night since! Lauren loves visitors and is a hit when we have friends over. 

She loves for her Mama to sing Bingo and Happy Birthday to her and to play with red bottle caps which are her favorite toys. She and Daddy start most every day by chasing each other around the house and engaging in hunting play.  Lauren also likes the warmth of the sun porch and will stay out there long after Mama and Daddy have retreated to the air conditioning. But, she never misses an episode of Lost on Netflix!  

Lauren is very, very quiet and only seems to meow as a greeting when we come home.  Her favorite treat is a tablespoon of wet Wellness food. She likes her litterbox cleaned after each use and has trained her humans well! :-)

We are very glad Lauren came into our lives and couldn’t imagine life without her.  She has completed our little family. Thank you, Shelter Pet Partners! This beautiful 5 year old Devon Rex was adopted by A&AF on 2/4/14.