This is Benji!  He came to us as such a mess, poor little guy.   He had been living  outdoors and/or in a garage for 6 years.   He was in a couple of foster homes before we sent him to MR for fostering.   It only took a matter of seconds for each of them to realize he wasn't leaving her home.  It is obvious he was a hit with his roommates as well.          Adopted by MR 9/13/13




My husband and I adopted Figaro,(FKA Peter),just about a month ago.  When we saw him, we loved how much he looked like our 9 year old cat Tigger, but we were worried Tigger wouldn't take to him.  When Figaro came to our home he was scared at first until he got to know us and his new big brother. He has become a very affectionate cat that comes to us and even meows when he wants some love!  Tigger was not too pleased at first with his little brother, but as you can see they have settled their differences! We are so happy that Figaro has joined or little family!  :-) Adopted by D&MJ 3/10/14


I went to buy a new collar & ID tag for one of my cats; and passing the adoption center I saw this ball of brown fur in one of the cages. The card on his cage said "I'm frightened, be patient with me, I was just relinquished".  I knew then I had to adopt this lovely fellow and 2 days later he came home with me. Taji is gentle, easy-going, gets along with the

other "cat children", and I absolutely adore him! I often think of that day when I set out to buy a pet ID tag, and came home with a forever friend! 

Adopted by SY 11/6/2011


Lily is the beautiful lady on the right in the photos. Her adopter & the adopters of Lily's two siblings try to meet each August at the beach.

 Adopted by KP 10/16/2011


Mistie Diana has certainly found her perfect home, right along with her new brother, Kenji.  Her family takes her to Christmas, New Year and family celebrations.  She gets along with everyone!     Adopted by EG & family  2/7/13.

Shelter Pet Partners, 

My girlfriend and I adopted little Tabitha, (now Lexi),from you guys to join our Rottweiler and other cat. We just wanted you guys to know she's been an amazing cat and we're so happy she was rescued by your organization. Attached is a picture of her with our rottweiler sadie. They are becoming fast friends.      

Adopted by W&J 2/14/14

Here are Batman and Diego (formally known as Tom & Jerry). We adopted them 2 years ago. They were scared, and hid under the bed for almost 3 days. Once they decided they were comfortable enough to come out, they haven't looked back since!  Batman is a sweet, snuggly little boy. He loves his scratching post, taking up half our king sized bed at night. Batman loves watching TV, and he always sits next to his Dad and helps play video games (they high five when they beat a level). Batman loves boxes, birdie watching out the window, and 'head butting' those he loves.  Diego loves to eat - but he must have a fast metabolism because he is still in great shape! He sleeps on the left corner of the bed at night under Hubby's feet. Diego is agile, quite the fly catcher, and loves to 'attack' the stairs.  They love getting pets, snuggling in their favorite furry blanket and laying in the sunshine spots in our home. Hubby build them a cat ladder that goes from the second floor to the top of the bookshelf on the first floor. They LOVE it! These kitties are the best part of our little family, and I wouldn't know what we would have done without them!  I am so thankful to Shelter Pet Partners for giving these amazing animals a chance at a great life!

Adopted by CAR 4/27/12